A peak into the beauty and wonder of the Sonoran Desert in Phoenix

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Male American Kestrel

The male American Kestrel may be the most striking bird in the park, and one of the most anywhere. He is so very well dressed, and well groomed. I love admiring all of the different colors and patterns all over his body, from the heart-shaped spots on his back, to the grey on his wings, to the black and white on his face. Truly a magnificent creation.

Here he has captured a green worm or caterpillar. In the next image he is munching on it. As we were watching him, he dove down and picked this up, and returned to his perch to eat.

It seems that every way he turns, there are more distinctive markings to admire. What a great little 'cap' he has on the top of his head here. It is so nicely complimented by the surrounding grey.

In this photo he is pulling on that little green caterpillar, munching away.



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