A peak into the beauty and wonder of the Sonoran Desert in Phoenix

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'White' Hummingbird

This tiny bird flew into my life, during a time when I didn't have much to spare. I tried to make it happen quickly, but she (?) would have none of it. If I wanted to capture her image, I was going to have to work for it. So, even though I was in a hurry to leave, I followed her. She was very flighty, landing for only for a few seconds at a time and then moving on. Finally I got ahead of her, and she flew in. My opportunity arrived, and I captured it. What a beauty, and a little larger than the others, chasing them away.

Thank you for the experience.

The tricky part about photographing hummingbirds is their size. It can be difficult for the camera to focus on that tiny area, and will instead focus on something else. This happened a number of times, then finally, after about 7 minutes, I was able to get some good captures...not as good as I wanted, but good enough. Then she was gone, out of my life as fast as she came into it. It was a tasty end to my morning in the field.



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