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Coyote Family out for an afternoon hunt.

One afternoon in late August 2008, I was out on a photo hike when I spotted a Coyote in a backyard, climbing up a rock outcropping, looking for something to eat.  She didn't seem to notice me, so I was able to get some photos while she looked around. I was a bit surprised, as they usually see me before I see them. After a few minutes, I noticed another Coyote, then another and another. I realized that I was right next to an afternoon hunting party. I started to capture some video of what was going on. I captured about 1:10 worth before one of them finally spotted me. He alerted the others and they started to retreat. It didn't take long for most of them to get some distance from me. After a bit, I heard some barking, faint at first then a little louder. After about 15 seconds, a different Coyote took over the barking, more forceful. At first I couldn't see him, then he emerged, looking right at me. He barked at me for a total of about 30 seconds. It was quite a tongue lashing, like I hadn't had in a long time. At first it felt like he was letting me have it for interrupting their afternoon family outing. Then it seemed to turn into a general rant and vent, letting me have it on behalf of all humans, for all that we have done to the land that they live on, for the rude and disrespectful way that they are often treated, and for the general destructiveness that we have brought onto nature, making it so much more challenging for them and the other animals to live. I was in complete agreement, and took the scolding with a rather stunned pleasure.












Here is the last video of the 'Coyotes Hunting' series, where I get barked at for 23 seconds.


Here is the actual hunt, the first video of the series. Notice the Coyote staring at me at 1:10, which I didn't see at the time. That is when the retreat begins.
Here is the second to last video of the series, where the barking begins. It starts faintly at 0:29, and at 0:45 the second Coyote takes over the barking.
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